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A bit farther south from downtown Vallarta, just beyond the sub-region of Amapas, you’ll find one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious residential areas, Conchas Chinas. This upscale neighborhood is divided into upper and lower sections, separated by the Carr. 200 South highway, showcasing a diverse range of Conchas Chinas real estate. Traditional Vallarta-style villas and modern condominiums coexist here, all with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay. Those perched high on the hillsides enjoy a panoramic view, while others are within walking distance of the beach or have direct access to it in the lower sections.

The winding roads that traverse the area offer an adventurous driving experience, with numerous open spaces where you’ll be tempted to park your car and capture the stunning vistas from various high vantage points. The sandy beaches, rocky formations, grottos, and hidden coves are equally captivating and accessible, whether by car or on foot from Los Muertos beach.

Despite its proximity to the city, Conchas Chinas provides a serene and refined lifestyle, making it a haven for those seeking tranquility and a touch of luxury. Properties in this neighborhood tend to be on the expensive side, often purchased as second homes or for rental purposes. Hacienda-style architecture with domed cupolas and integrated palapas is prevalent, designed on multiple levels to maximize views and make the most of the mountainous terrain.

Reaching Conchas Chinas
There are two entrances to upper Conchas Chinas, locally referred to as the “first” or “second” entrance, with the former being closer to town. However, both entrances provide access to the entire upper neighborhood. Access points to lower Conchas Chinas are clearly marked along the highway. The steep roads and limited services within the development make owning a vehicle a necessity for residents.

Neighborhoods & Nearby Regions
Conchas Chinas shares its borders with Amapas and Emiliano Zapata, making it especially appealing to those already familiar with the numerous restaurants, galleries, coffee shops, and attractions of Emiliano Zapata. As you drive past Conchas Chinas on the highway and venture into the South Shore, you’ll notice a decrease in population density. Nonetheless, you’ll encounter various luxury real estate options, impressive residential developments, and condos lining the picturesque highway as you continue southward.

Conchas Chinas Real Estate Options
For years, Conchas Chinas has been synonymous with high-end real estate in Puerto Vallarta, offering sweeping views of the entire bay, and for some, even downtown Vallarta. The coastal highway running south divides Conchas Chinas into upper and lower sections, with the upper part primarily featuring condominium developments. However, there are exceptional single-family homes available in this area as well. Most of the homes are situated below the highway and along the shoreline, where some of Vallarta’s most exceptional properties can be found. Recently, some of these older, outdated properties are being replaced by modern condominium complexes that offer exceptional bay views.

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