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Central Vallarta, also known as El Centro, is the quintessential representation of Puerto Vallarta. It forms one of the three integral regions that constitute the heart of downtown. Its boundaries encompass the Cuale River to the east, which runs through the center of the town, the western Hotel Zone, the northern hillside known as Gringo Gulch overlooking Vallarta, and to the south, the iconic Puerto Vallarta Malecón boardwalk, embracing the coastline.

The southern boundary of El Centro is marked by the meandering Rio Cuale river, effectively dividing downtown Vallarta into two distinct communities: El Centro itself and what is colloquially referred to as Emiliano Zapata, although it is known by various names like Centro South or Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone). As the Cuale river courses through the heart of the downtown region, it forks, forming the petite Isla Rio Cuale, which offers a vibrant flea market, an array of restaurants and shops, an intriguing museum, a bustling cultural center, and serene green spaces.

Living in the heart of downtown holds undeniable allure for many who relocate to Puerto Vallarta, enticed by the romantic ambiance of strolling along El Centro’s Malecón on a sunlit Sunday, amidst the warm smiles of Mexico.

Accessing Downtown Puerto Vallarta is effortless, whether you are arriving from the north or the south. Unless you choose to bypass the city via the Libramiento (the town’s highway bypass), you are bound to traverse El Centro on your journey. While street parking is an option, it is advisable to utilize one of the two available parking facilities in the area – the subterranean parking garage at Parque Hidalgo in the north, and the Benito Juárez parking lot just before Isla Río Cuale in the north. Public transportation and taxi services are readily accessible for those who prefer a short ride within the vicinity.

El Centro comprises several colonias, or neighborhoods, starting immediately after the Hotel Zone when arriving from Marina Vallarta. You will unmistakably know you’ve entered El Centro as the smooth pavement on Francisco Medina Ascencio, Puerto Vallarta’s principal thoroughfare, transitions to charming brick roads and cobblestone streets. Continuing east, the #200 coastal highway winds through the picturesque hillside communities of Amapas and Conchas Chinas, following the southern shoreline toward Costalegre.

El Centro is a vibrant hub of culture, culinary delights, historical richness, and abundant entertainment options. It offers a sensory and cultural banquet that will leave an indelible impression. This area exudes an eclectic and bohemian atmosphere and boasts world-class dining and art scenes, a lively nightlife, and an essential stroll along the popular oceanfront promenade.

The Malecón, affectionately known as the “Malecon,” is adorned with captivating monumental public art installations. On one side, it is lined with captivating shops, restaurants, and bars, while on the other side, it embraces the shoreline of Banderas Bay. The Malecón is always abuzz with activity, featuring street performers, frequent spectacular events at the open-air Los Arcos amphitheater, and spirited dancing in the square in front of the church – all free of charge. Art exhibitions are a common sight, as local artists showcase their creations. As night falls, the Malecón transforms into a vibrant epicenter of open-air nightclubs and bars, bustling until the early hours.

El Centro’s narrow cobblestone streets possess an old-world charm, although navigation can be a bit challenging, especially in the neighborhoods of El Cerro and Gringo Gulch, which ascend the mountainside from east to west – the latter is where famous figures like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton once resided.

Regarding Central Vallarta’s beaches, the Malecón beach, known as Playa Dorada, is seldom used for swimming due to its rocky terrain and waves breaking close to the shore. To the east, in Colonia 5 de Diciembre, the beach is more suitable for walking and swimming and is conveniently accessible through several cul-de-sacs. Nevertheless, most prefer Los Muertos beach in Emiliano Zapata for swimming, as it offers calmer waters, fewer waves, and a profusion of beachside clubs and restaurants.

When it comes to real estate options in Puerto Vallarta, Central Vallarta predominantly comprises traditional homes and small apartments scattered along the hillside, offering captivating views of the town and the bay. Along the extensive Malecón, which now stretches from one end of town to the other, you will predominantly find shops, restaurants, and nightclubs, with only a few residential homes or condominiums. The majority of real estate development is currently taking place on the opposite side of the Cuale River in Emiliano Zapata, although it is just a matter of time before this expansion extends into Central Vallarta.

On the north side of the Cuale River, the neighborhood known as “Gringo Gulch” is a significant hub for real estate, situated on the hillside overlooking Puerto Vallarta and the river. This area boasts a collection of classic homes, many of which have been tastefully remodeled.

Moving east of the Cuale River, you will find some homes but a greater number of condominiums available for sale along the beach. Further southeast, on the hillside with breathtaking vistas of the bay and town, lie Amapas and Conchas Chinas, offering a mix of homes and condominiums, with recent construction trends leaning toward condominiums. The properties along the shoreline are predominantly high-end homes, with a few condominium projects to complement the landscape.

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